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We are a community of dedicated professionals ready to usher you into the world of higher learning and get you on the pathway to success in the medical field.

After 15 years of training career school graduates who were disappointed with the education they’d had received from other institutions, especially for the price they’d paid, we decided to form our own school to raise the bar and assure local students started getting the training they deserve.

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Our sole mission is to get you on the path to a successful career and assure you’re ready on day one of the job.


Miracle LawalMiracle Lawal
14:31 08 Jul 22
Great class and worth it. The teacher is kind and an incredible experience with barely any difficulty. I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to join the phlebotomy field!
Beth EdwardsBeth Edwards
14:27 08 Jul 22
This school runs at a great pace. The information is very clearly explained and the instructor is very organized.
Morgan KaneMorgan Kane
14:26 08 Jul 22
This program has been so wonderful. The classes are so small and we all got individual attention. Lots of the work was hands on. Everything we learned is directly applicable. The instructor is amazing and we felt like a big family. I feel very prepared for going into the field!
Kasim KabbaraKasim Kabbara
15:52 15 Jun 22
The Cy-Fair team consist of the most genuine people and the hands-on training for Medical Assistants and Phlebotomists are world class!
Anita A.Anita A.
22:27 14 Jun 22
A school that cares about their students, instructors, and the community. It's rare to get hands on training, support, and a great experience all at once! This is a place for everyone and you quickly become a part of a family.

    Dear Everybody, As somebody who didn't always like going to school I have to say I've always felt comfortable going to school here at CyFair Career Institute. I always felt welcomed by the staff at the clinic ever since day one. The enrollment process was easy and Billy Jr. explained it all very well to where even my mom, whose primary language is spanish, could understand. Mr. Ayoola valued his family and always taught me that I can go above and beyond as long as I respect others. This was something my mom and I agreed with as not only a student or young adult, but is something that I can carry with me through the rest of my life. My first day of school was the easiest to conform to. Even though a child was screaming in the laboratory while Billy Jr. and I had class in the break room. It is something to get used to as a future Phlebotomist. I was always curious about the process as a whole when it comes to getting my blood drawn as a child. I was that odd kid that looked at the needle every time due to this curiosity. Mrs. Rosa was also my teacher and was very informative and caring about what she was explaining to me. As I was learning more about Phlebotomy, I also felt that I was learning more about myself and my passion to help people. During my time in the laboratory with Serita was eye opening. Not only did she teach me how everything works, but also that it is important to be respectful, observant, and careful when it comes to sticking anybody with a needle. Everybody that let me practice on them were kind and were rooting for me. When it was nearing the time of my tests, Mrs. Rosa was understanding of my nervousness with exams and made sure I would study in a way that would benefit not only my knowledge, but boost my confidence in what I know. Everybody in this place was caring towards me and made me feel like I was part of their family. Even when I was sick, Dr. Ayoola cared for me and didn't let me stay sick for long. I feel lucky to have been in this school because of the unity they have here. This place has made me surprise myself in how much I can actually learn. I am thankful for everybody and everything in this place. I hope future students can enjoy it too. Sincerely, Vanessa P.

    Vanessa P (February 6, 2020, 1:00 am)

    CyFair Career Institute is all about you being successful at 100%. You get to meet the most genuine, caring people that want you to be successful. Your beginning process is going to have an interview with Mr Ayoola, the CEO, and occasionally Billy Ayoola Jr. . They’re the ones that discuss finances, and get to know who you are, and what your expecting. This is the best conversation because you get every opportunity to ask questions, met the instructor, and get a tour of the school. They’re very easy to communicate with and have a joyful conversation with about your new journey.

    I’m one of the instructors to teach you Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant, and we have Billing and Coding. I have over 20 years experience and am up-to-date with the medical world. We have in class room study time, discussions, we teach by a curriculum, we have many methods of teaching to make you 100% successful. There is no way you can fail unless you just don’t show up or make effort. I teach at your pace. You may have struggled in college because of too many students, its an all on-line course, or no teacher interaction, you get your 100% of teaching in our classroom. You will succeed, and graduate.

    You will also learn how to build a resume, learn job interview techniques, apply for jobs, and find externship in the end. You will also learn integrity, morals. traditions, and beliefs of your career. Please contact us, even if its just to come see what your missing. The class is for you to build, not the class to build you. We are past who you were, its who you build yourself to be today, tomorrow, and the future! We here, just show up at our address, we are ready! Can’t wait to meet you!!!!

    ROSA LUMPKIN (February 4, 2020, 12:54 am)