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 Located in Houston, Texas, our institute offers tailored programs to forge your path in the healthcare industry.
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Medical Assistant Program

Master the art of clinical coordination and patient care with our comprehensive Medical Assistant Program. Embark on a career where your skills in patient history documentation, vital sign monitoring, and laboratory task management contribute to the seamless operation of healthcare practices.

Career Growth: Expect a robust 29% increase in demand by 2026.

Current Opportunities: Graduates are poised for recruitment in high-caliber medical environments, including private practices, hospitals, outpatient facilities, and specialty clinics.

Curriculum: Learn about patient interaction, clinical assistance, healthcare technology, and get hands-on externships.

Cost: $8,500

Administrative and Billing Program

Our specialized training will equip you with the essential skills to excel as a billing and coding specialist, a critical component of healthcare’s administrative structure. With an emphasis on precision and professional expertise, you will learn to safeguard medical record integrity, adeptly navigate diagnostic coding for insurance purposes, and reinforce the financial foundations of healthcare.

Career Growth: Anticipate a robust 13% job market expansion by 2026.

Current Opportunities: Secure critical roles within health care infrastructures, spanning from hospital administration to private health care insurers and specialized billing firms.

Curriculum: Engage in medical coding, management software, and digital insurance and billing as well as practical externships that help students learn in a real-world environment. 

Cost: $7,500

Phlebotomy Technician Program

Our esteemed Phlebotomy Technician Program prepares you to become an integral member of the health care team. With a focus on technical skills and patient interaction, you will learn to perform venipunctures with confidence and care. 

As a bridge between patients and laboratory analysis, your role is critical in the diagnostic process, requiring skillful technique and empathetic communication.

Career Growth: A significant 25% job increase is expected by 2026.

Current Opportunities: Embark on a career directly impacting patient care in settings such as diagnostic laboratories, blood donation centers, and research institutions.


Curriculum: Engage with comprehensive medical terminology, in-depth anatomical study, and specialized phlebotomy techniques, including venipuncture and urinalysis. Our program culminates with a hands-on externship, providing invaluable experience in a real-world medical setting.

Cost: $1,800

Why Choose CyFair Career Institute

An Affordable Investment in Your Education

Your aspirations in health care merit a substantial investment, yet CyFair Career Institute prides itself on offering accessible excellence, ensuring your educational journey is both affordable and high end. 

Targeted Curriculum for Professional Readiness

Crafted by a distinguished collective of medical experts, our curriculum is meticulously designed to furnish you with essential skills from day one, aligning with the highest professional standards of health care employment.


Expedited Pathways to Career Launch

Accelerate your transition into the health care sector through our range of programs, from six weeks to six months. With CyFair, anticipate not only meeting the industry’s expectations but surpassing them.